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My Picks for the 10 Best Dodgers' Cards of 2017

With the new year upon us I figured it is now time to share my picks for the ten best Dodgers' cards of 2017. Obviously, this list is purely subjective, so please don't get mad if I left off your favorite. Although, I would love to know which cards I should have included. BTW, this is the sixth consecutive year I've put this list together.  Below are links for those previous posts:
As always, I've tried stayed away from the glitzy and super-rare relic and autographed cards, and stuck to the more common and easily achievable base and insert cards found in packs. There are some exceptions, of course, including some online exclusive cards and promos.

Now, on to the cards!


I thought the best way to start this list would be to include the Topps Now card that celebrates the opening of the 2017 World Series between the Dodgers and Astros. Best yet, this card features the Blue Angels flyover at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers' lined up along the third base line on the reverse. Awesome!

BTW, this card has a print run of 1,062 copies.

2017 Topps Now - #813


This next card is unique to a "Holiday" themed blaster box available only at Walmart stores in late November. It is of soon-to-be Rookie of the Year first baseman Cody Bellinger, and it includes snowflakes in the background. Best yet, this specific photo of Bellinger, no doubt taken at Cameback Ranch during Spring Training, can only be found in the "Holiday" packs.

2017 Topps Holiday
#HMW120 Cody Bellinger


This next card celebrates Corey Seager's three-homer day at Dodger Stadium against the Braves. You can watch highlight of the game here.

Triple Threads Relics
#TTR-CA1 Corey Seager


The seventh card on my list honors Cody Bellinger for being named the 2017 National League Rookie of the Year. This Topps Now card has a print run of 2,871 cards.

2017 Topps Now - #OS-65
Cody Bellinger Wins the NL Rookie of the Year Award


I just love the photo Topps used for this base variation card of Sandy Koufax in their Update Series. As you can see it features Koufax pointing to the DodgerVision screen after having no-hit the Giants at home, 8-0. Go here to check out the boxscore. On a side note, I do not recall ever seeing this photo before.

2017 Topps Update Series
Base Variation
#US223 Sandy Koufax


This is the only Vin Scully card released in 2017. It is a VIP promo card given out to VIP attendees (of which there were thousands) at the 2017 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

2017 National Sports Collectors Convention
Leaf Promo


This next card commemorates Clayton Kershaw's gutsiest performance to date. During the deciding Game five of the 2016 NLDS series against the Nationals, Kershaw threw a two-out seven-pitch save to catapult the team towards a championship series against the Cubs.

Instavision - "The Save"
#I-CK Clayton Kershaw


I guess you can call me a sucker for cards so blatantly patriotic. Shown here is the Clayton Kershaw National Anthem Insert card found in packs of 2017 Topps Opening Day.

2017 Topps Opening Day
National Anthem
#NA-8 Clayton Kershaw


The second best card of the year is the below 2017 Heritage Dodgers' team card that features Charlie Cumberson's celebration at the plate. As you may recall, Culberson walloped a walk-off solo home run in the tenth inning on the last home game of the season to win the game, 4-3. Best yet, this ended up being Vin Scully's very last home broadcast for the Dodgers.

2017 Heritage
#323 Dodgers Team Card


Following up on the card above, here is my choice for the bext Dodgers' card of the 2017 collecting season. It is the Dodgers' team card found in packs of Topps flagship Series 2 set, and it shows the entire Dodger team saluting the Dodger poet laureate in the broadcast booth - Vin Scully.

As you may recall, shortly after celebrating Charlie Cuberson's walk-off homer to win the game the team turned to Vin Scully and tipped their cap.

2017 Topps Series 2
#608 Dodgers Team Card

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