Thursday, February 01, 2018

Dodgers Gave Out GIF Cards at FanFest

I knew I would be missing out on these; especially considering how crowded it was.

First of all, I promise I'll have a post up featuring my pics from the 2018 FanFest at Dodger Stadium soon. In the meantime, check out some very limited GIF cards handed out by the Dodgers during the event.

From what I understand, the Dodgers announced, through their twitter, various GIF card freebies that were given out at a specific time and location during FanFest. They were limited to only the first 100 fans, so these might prove to be one of the more scarce memorabilia items given out by the team. Furthermore, I had been told that four different cards would be given away, but I could only find three online. So, if you happen to know who the fourth card is please let me know.

As you can see, these cards are actually lenticular 3-D cards -- much like the Sportsflics cards made in the late-80's. To get the 3-D -- GIF card -- effect all you would have to do is move the card back and forth, and the image will appear to move.

The three cards given out on Saturday are of Chris Taylor, Cody Bellinger and Yasiel Puig. Check them all out below. All photos seen here are from the @Dodgers twitter account.

BTW, I recently found out that similar cards were given out at last years FanFest, so if you happen to know anything about those please pass along that knowledge.

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