Monday, February 26, 2018

Lelands -- Dodger Goodies Abound in Spring Auction

As Spring Training begins to encompass the minds of Baseball fans everywhere, collectors too find themselves immersed in a new season -- a collecting season. After all, the month of March also ushers in a whole slew of sports auctions that will no doubt occupy the minds of hobbyist. Today I focus on Lelands March auction that closes in a few weeks, and as always there are a bunch of Dodgers' collectibles I thought worthy of mentioning here.

For instance, check out the above 8'x10' photocard above. It is a team photograph from the very first Oldtimers Game played at Dodgers stadium, dated June 5, 1971, and it also includes a used ticket stub. (auction link) Sandy Koufax, Roy Campanella, Casey Stengel, Bill Skowron, Gil Hodges, Don Newcombe, Peewee Reese, Don Drysdale and Duke Snider are seen in the photo. I am unsure where this item originates from, but I suspect it's a team issued collectible. BTW, the Dodgers will host an Oldtimers Game (now called an "Alumni Game") this year on Saturday, May 12th against the Reds, and they will give away an 60th Anniversary Dodgers hat to all fans in attendance.

To the right is an Roy Campanella card that is entirely knew to me. It is an postcard related to the Dodgers "Tour of Japan" in 1956. (auction link) The postcard entitles the bearer to a ticket to a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. All Japan team on November 3, 1956 at Koshien Stadium.

On the below left is a metal signed we all probably know so well. (auction link) It is an generic stadium signed used for Dodger Stadium. On the bottom right is another sign, but it's far older than the one beside it. It is a vintage, circa 1950's, Dodger Beverage Company sign. (auction link) For those who do not know, an enterprising businessman sought to take advantage of the teams popularity by producing a Dodger cola. Based in Brooklyn, the beverage quickly disappeared when the team moved west.

Lastly, this auction includes a giant collection of Emmett Kelly memorabilia. (auction link) Made famous through his "Weary Willie" character at the Ringling Bros. Circus, Kelly famously spent the 1956 season with the Dodgers as its "Brooklyn Bum." In this collection are autographs, his personal address book, postcards, photographs, letters, personal documents and a 1943 diary.

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