Monday, March 05, 2018

2018 Heritage - More Dodger Variation Cards

I previously erred when I initially put up a listing of Dodgers variations found in packs of Topps 2018 Heritage Baseball card brand. Originally, I indicated that there were just three variations to chase after -- Seager, Bellinger & Kershaw. That was wrong. Instead, there are nine to collect; including a variation for Yu Darvish. Check them all out below.

#45 Corey Seager 

Normal Base Card           Action Image Variation

#118 Cody Bellinger 

Normal Base Card           Action Image Variation

Color Swap                        Nickname

#118 Cody Bellinger - RC Cup Error - "Topps 1969"

#161 Yu Darvish

 Traded Variation

This variation is seen on the back of the card. The variation (as seen directly below) includes the phrase: "Acquired: Trade with Rangers, 7-31-17"

As you can see below, the normal cards do not include the above phrase.

#216 Clayton Kershaw 

Normal Base Card           Action Image Variation

Color Swap                            Nickname

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