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Blog Kiosk: 5/10/2019 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Take a look at this slide.

Here's a May 19, 1943 ACME press photo of Cardinals outfielder Harry Walker trying his best to break-up a double play, as he slides way outside of the bag to interrupt Dodgers shortstop Arky Vaughn (eBay auction link). His effort would lead to Stan Musial, who hit the grounder, reaching base and eventually scoring the first run of the game (boxscore).

BTW, the ACME descriptor on the reverse actually says that the Brooklyn player featured is second baseman Alex Kampouris, but that can't be right. The play was a grounder to second, who shoveled to the shortstop and then threw to first. Therefore the Dodger above is the shortstop, not the second baseman.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1955 Don Newcombe threw a complete game shutout against the Cubs while facing the minimum of 27 batters, 3-0. He allowed just one hit, to second baseman Gene Baker, who would subsequently be caught stealing. In 1966 the Dodgers sent 1955 World Series hero Johnny Podres to the Tigers as part of an conditional deal. In 1968 the Dodgers signed free agent infielder Ken Boyer. At the age of 37 the aging All-Star would slash .271/.317/.403/.720 with 60 hits, six home runs and 41 RBI's that season. In 1996 Tommy Lasorda managed his 3,000th major league game. It was against the Cardinals, and the Dodgers defeated them in twelve innings, 3-2
  • Happy BirthdayBill DavidsonJim Hickman & John Cummings!
  • Video: You must watch this. It is fantastic. Discover Los Angeles shares a video on Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo (Video Link).
  • Steve Yeager did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session yesterday afternoon, so you should go here to check it out. As you may know, his son, Josh Yeager, is running for the LA City Council.
Reddit: Given the prevalence of contact on plays at the plate how do you feel about the Posey rule (catchers have to yield a viable basepath to runners until they posses the ball)?
Orel and Joe brought it up yesterday after Verdugo scored. Was wondering what someone who caught back then thinks of it. 
SY: I’m old school. You have to earn a run!
  • National Baseball Card Day is set for Saturday, August 10th. Collectors can get free packs of cards at MLB stadiums and your local hobby shops. Also, for the first time, a you can get a free gift with a purchase at select participating retail outlets too -- Target and Walmart. Go here or here for more information.
Early on, it looks as though Seager is trading some of his ground balls for fly balls, a potentially promising sign. The young shortstop has hit 44 fly balls to 34 ground balls, good for a 0.77 GB/FB rate, a significant improvement on his 1.40 career number.
While putting the ball in the air is typically a good idea for a hitter, Seager has seen his other peripheral numbers drop off as he hits more fly balls. His average exit velocity and hard hit percentage are both tracking at career lows. When it comes to fly ball exit velocity specifically, Seager has seen a decline as well.

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