Thursday, October 17, 2019

2019 Topps Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition - The Dodger Cards

Topps released their 'Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition' cards a couple of weeks ago, but I am only now able to share some pics of the Dodger cards found in boxes. The checklist of available players is quite extensive, as it includes a bunch of Dodgers'. In fact, I count at least 18 former players within the 93 player set (go here for a complete checklist). So far, I've found cards for only 11 of those ballplayers, but suspect more are available. See those cards below. I will updated this post from time to time, as more cards become unveiled.

BTW, this brand consist of all-autographed Topps cards from past Topps products. So, you can find cards going as far back as 1951 to this season -- all having been hard-signed. A single box of one card will cost you about $40.

#Andruw Jones

2008 Topps Trading Card History

#Bobby Abreu

None Seen Yet

#Bobby Valentine

None Seen Yet

#Charles Johnson

1998 Bowman

#Don Mattingly

2012 Heritage

#Eric Gagne

2004 Topps Total AW        2002 Topps Heritage

2002 Gallery            2003 Topps Highlights

2003 Bowman                     2005 Bazooka

2002 Topps 206              2003 Topps Total

2005 Topps                   2005 Opening Day

2003 Topps Chrome

#Greg Maddux

None Seen Yet

#Juan Marichal

None Seen Yet

*Juan Marichal was a Dodger for a very short time. Unfortunately, I don't believe Topps ever made a card of him in Dodger Blue, so we are not likely to see a Marichal Dodger card. I could be wrong, though so I'll be on the lookout. A signed Juan Marichal card as a Dodger would be epic.

#Mike Piazza

None Seen Yet

#Nomar Garciaparra

2006 Finest

#Pedro Martinez

None Seen Yet

#Phil Garner

#1988 Topps

#Rick Honeycutt

1984 Nestle                      1984 Topps

1986 Topps

1985 Topps                       1987 Topps

#Rickey Henderson

None Seen Yet

#Sandy Koufax

2015 Archives

#Steve Sax

1984 Nestle                        1986 OPC

1985 OPC                         1985 Topps   

1988 OPC                      1989 OPC

1984 Topps All-Stars         1989 Topps Mini

#Tim Wallach

1993 Stadium Club               1995 Bazooka

#Todd Zeile

1997 Finest               1998 Stadium Club

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