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Blog Kiosk: 5/27/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

A hopeful and elated Charley Dressen is seen above in a 1953 AP press photo, from October 3, 1953 (eBay auction link). Per a descriptor on the reverse:
Two's a magic number for manager Charley Dressen of the Brooklyn Dodgers who flashed a happy smile after his club drew even with the New York Yankees by winning the fourth game of the World Series, 7-3. Those two fingers he is holding up could be a victory sign or the number of games he thinks the series will have to go to end in his favor.
Unfortunately, Dressen's smile would turn upside down. The Dodgers lose the next two games and the '53 series. Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1888 fan favorite Adonis Terry pitched his second career no-hitter for Brooklyn Bridegrooms at Washington Park, 4-0. It was against the Louisville Colonels -- a club that would eventually fold following the 1899 season. BTW, I just ran into a website dedicated to Adonis Terry. Check it out hereIn 2015 the Dodgers traded beloved Juan Uribe, and Chris Withrow to the Braves for Alberto Callaspo, Juan Jaime, Eric Stults and Ian Thomas. Uribe spent over 4 season with Los Angeles -- slashing .260/.306/.381/.687 with 28 homeruns, 155 RBI and an overall WAR of 6.8.
  • Happy Birthday, Ed CraneLefty HopperJacob BrumfieldTodd Hundley!
  • Check out this podcast, via a tweet from Kourtney Turner:
“I just feel very sad,” Scully told me by telephone from his home in Southern California. “I’m not angry. I know people are trying to solve this issue.
“I think of baseball right now as a national thermometer. People are hoping for baseball because if baseball comes back it’s the first true sign that we are on the comeback trail. It’s our national thermometer.”
  • This strikes me as a very responsible move. I know that all of these folks do not deserve a reduction in play, and at the same time it's heartening that these employees will not face a furlough or layoffs - unlike other teams in the league. Via Ramona Shelbourne at ESPN -- "Sources: Dodgers to implement salary cuts to avoid furloughs or layoffs."
The Dodgers informed hundreds of their employees in a Zoom call Tuesday afternoon that the salary cuts -- which will range from nothing to 35% or more for top executives -- are being made to save jobs and prevent furloughs, sources said. Employees were told salary reductions will only effect full-time employees making over $75,000.
  • Below is a Dodger press release related to the above news.
The Coronavirus has caused grave health issues as well as widespread financial hardships for many people and also for businesses. The virus also has created uncertainty regarding the 2020 MLB season. The entire Dodgers’ organization, including the great many people who work to bring you games and the experience of being in the park, face unprecedented challenges, as do so many others. 
Over the last several weeks, we have considered every way to better withstand the challenges presented by the virus. Today – while we remain very hopeful that there will be a 2020 season – we are implementing a number of measures to reduce our costs. We remain ready to play as soon as that becomes feasible.  
These measures include salary reductions for all [exempt] employees above a certain salary threshold, with higher paid employees taking a larger share of the reductions. This plan allows us to avoid organization-wide furloughs and to preserve hundreds of jobs. 
This is an unprecedented time. At the Dodgers, each and every member of our organization plays an important role in our successes. We hope the entire Dodgers family including all of our fans stay safe and well. We remain hopeful that soon we will be playing ball.
“I remember the moment of every autograph I ever got,” (Mike Piazza) said. “I wonder if that makes me unique or if everyone has the same reaction?”
Recollections from a 10-year-old in 1954: “Something flew into my eye,” Tom remembers, “and no matter what Dad and I tried, we couldn’t get it out. Finally, Dad brought the problem to the attention of an usher who told him to stay put while he took me to the first-aid station.” 
Missing any part of this day was going to be unmitigated disappointment, except for a quirk of Ebbets Field geography: the first-aid station was actually located … inside the Dodgers clubhouse!

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