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Blog Kiosk: 6/25/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Featured is 1951 ACME press telephoto showing a bunch of fanatic Dodger fans lining up for tickets (eBay auction link). Below is what's written on the reverse:
10/1 - Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn's Ebbets Field is besieged by determined baseball fans, who line up early to get tickets for the crucial National League playoff opener between the Dodgers and Giants.
Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1968 Giants rookie Bobby Bonds hit a grand slam against Dodger righty John Purdin in his third at-bat of his first major league game -- becoming only the second player to have ever done so. In 1984 infielder Bill Russell played his 1,953rd game to become the LA Dodgers' all-time leader in games played. He would finish his career in Blue with a total of 2,181 games played -- second best all time in Dodger history. Hall of Famer Zack Wheat best him with 2,322 games played as a Dodger.
  • Happy BirthdayBarney WhiteDon DemeterAlejandro PeñaAaron Sele Paul Maholm!
  • A buddy of mine recently started a blog, so I thought I would pass it along. It's called Top Fan Rivalry and it pits a Dodger fans against an Angels fan -- in some fun and lighthearted banter and debate. Check it out here.
  • Podcast: Big Swing Podcast with Strip & Coop - "Clayton Kershaw - 3x Cy Young Award Winner" (Podcast Link)
  • Via HB Team at Hypebeast -- "Eric Emanuel Pays Homage to Major League Baseball in New Era Collection."
  • Per Chris Haft at -- "These are 9 must-see Dodgers artifacts at Hall."
  • Per Larry Getlen at the New York Post -- "How a failed college baseball player turned the MLB into a hit machine."
In 1971, his younger brother Judd started playing high-school baseball, and (Craig) Wallenbrock wanted to help him figure out his swing. At the time, Wallenbrock was throwing batting practice for some of his old college teammates who were now playing pro ball, so he brought along a video camera to record their hitting and later reviewed the film with his brother.
“The idea of filming hitters seems obvious now, but back then it was unheard of,” writes Diamond. “Wallenbrock approached the teaching of hitting as an outsider, free of biases and preconceived notions about the ‘right way’ to do it. And what he saw once he started watching made him rethink everything he thought he knew about how to hit.”
Now working as a private hitting instructor and a consultant for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Wallenbrock, 73, boasts three former students or proteges currently working as major league batting coaches: the Mariners’ Tim Laker, the Padres’ Johnny Washington, and the Dodgers’ Van Scoyoc.
  • I just saw the below comment on a Dodgers Reddit thread (u/helplesslyselfish) and I wanted to pass it along. Should the season actually get underway then I think it's imperative that Dieter Ruehle be behind the keyboard during the game.
The Ravine can be completely empty, but I want to hear Dieter Ruehle's sweet fingers echoing throughout the stands. Especially if Kiké is going to be the only one screaming along to "Let's-go-Dod-gers".
“The two runners in front of him, his teammates crossed the plate and just kept on going to the dugout, but the on-deck batter is George Shuba from Youngstown Ohio. And so, when Jackie was getting ready to cross the plate, George reached out and congratulated him on hitting the home run. That picture was photographed and went around the world at that particular time,” said Brown. 
“I want people to see that Jackie Robinson still resonates in the 21st century. And I also want people to see that a Youngstown guy was a part of that history. George Shuba could have been just like everyone else. He could have turned his back, didn't have to do anything, didn't have to say anything, but just that simple gesture,” said Brown. 
Joe Kelly: "So when I got to high school I got convinced by my friends to play baseball again. It’s kind of weird how it’s full circle. That’s the part I’m in right now. I would be fine saying, ‘I’m not playing this year. I’m not risking it.’ You’ve got twins. You’ve got a 4-year-old. Who knows what the coronavirus entails in 50 years, what it will do to you. No one knows. So I could easily have been like, ‘I’m doing what is right for my family.’ But then I would get a text from DP (David Price) or Mookie (Betts) or any one of my teammates, any one of my fellow pitchers, any one of my fellow hitters and then I would feel bad. That’s the shitty part about it. That was the only thing I probably couldn’t live with."

“It was my first year being a reliever full time. I think I was ready for the competition based on what I did in the (Southeastern Conference), but it was fun. I settled in pretty quick,” Cantleberry said. “Mostly, the mindset was almost easier as a reliever knowing I had to punch out three guys late in the game instead of throwing seven strong innings.
“I’m more on the intense side as a pitcher. I definitely think being a reliever fits my personality.”
“This was my fourth week of throwing to actual hitters,” Grove said. “The organization gives us a structure of workouts and then I kind of make my own from that. Going to Morgantown has been really beneficial because there are pro guys and college guys there.”

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