Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Brief Respite: A Kings Hockey Fight

I have to admit, when a fight breaks out at a hockey game a smile appears on my face. I stand and cheer. My fists reach towards the sky as I bellow a mighty roar.

Can you tell I went to the Kings game last night. It was an exciting. Invigorating. An event worth watching on replay. There were 9 goals scored as the Kings pulled it out in the last period, 5 to 4. We also witnesses an anticipated match-up between Colorado's Ian Laperriere and LA's Sean Avery. There is some left over bad blood from when Lappy use to be on the Kings, so most fans were expecting this sooner than later. Avery got in his licks, but Lappy appeared to have more control. In the end, Laperriere dragged Sean down, and it was over.

Unfortunately, I don't have a video of that fight, but I did find the one below. It was from earlier this season and is a must see for the novice and enthusiast alike.

The video is a perfect example of why fighting is a part of the game. Listen as Jimmy Fox and Bob Miller explain the event, and watch as Georges Laraque and Raitis Ivanans perform on the ice. Also, be sure to watch the whole thing through. Laraque and Ivanans have a great conversation just before the gloves drop.

Laraque: "You want to?"
Ivanans: "Yhea"
Laraque: "Okay"
Laraque: You'll Square Off"
Ivanans: "Yhea"
Laraque: "Okay. Good Luck, Man"
Ivanans: "You, Too"

This is a great game. Is there any chance the Kings will come out with a Blue jersey?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I am now unable to find this video. It has been taken down. Sorry.

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