Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 12/11/2011

From the recent free signing at Sports Chalet, Trevor Lewis and Kyle Clifford pose with Kings mascot Bailey. (Pic Link: twitter @LAKingsIceCrew)
  • Harrison Ford to portray Branch Rickey in upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, via USA Today.
  • I hate Boras. From Dylan Hernandez of LA Times:
    "Normally, they're in the steaks section, and I found them in the fruits-and-nuts category a lot."
    And don't let him butter you up, either!
    "And the beat writers are absolutely phenomenal," Boras said.
  • James Loney explains to Tony Jackson of ESPN why the accident and it's aftermath was just a misunderstanding.
    Loney said he remembers colliding with the first car and hitting his head in the process -- he wasn't sure exactly what he hit his head on -- but he doesn't have a clear memory of what happened from that moment until he woke up several hours later in the hospital.
  • Matsui, really? He's on our radar? Via Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts.
  • Drunk Jays Fan has the Ryan Braun PED Twitter Reaction Bingo card up.
  • Joe Flint at LA Times writes about the impending battle between Time Warner and Fox of the Dodgers TV Rights.
  • Must Go Here Now! Devastating Be sure to click on the screen, and keep clicking. There is more than one.
  • This shirt design I saw on Twitter made me laugh. Apparently, they plan on making some and selling them. (Twitter Link: @BenRios82)
  • Halos Heaven has pics from Pujols public press conference.
  • Ernie Hudson was also at Nuke the Fridge Con. Here is one of the original Ghostbusters signing.

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