Monday, December 12, 2011

Collection: Delwyn Young Spectrum Auto

Delwyn Young had so much promise as a young farmhand with the Dodgers. He had shown an ability to hit at all levels, and was a local kid from the far reaches of the Antelope Valley. Unfortunately, he just couldn't take that next step in the Majors. In 2008 he had his chance to impress as a reserve outfielder for the Dodgers, but hit a paltry .246 with 1 homer in 126 at-bats. Certainly, not enough to keep him in LA. So, he was traded to Pittsburgh for nobody in particular. While there he did start, but continued to bat poorly. Soon, he would find himself demoted to the bench then back to the minors when he signed with the Phillies as a free agent for the 2011 season. Currently, he is a free agent and does not appear to be signed with any team. Hopefully he can continue his dream of playing ball. This post features a 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum autographed rookie signatures card of Delwyn Young from my collection.

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