Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 12/12/2001

  • For a really good explanation of the whole PED testing process and the current Braun situation read Will Carroll's SI story on the matter. He also follows up on his tumblr account, here.
    At this stage, several things are unclear. There are conflicting reports as to whether Braun's "B" sample was tested and showed exogenous testosterone. There are also reports of a second drug test, requested by Braun, that did not "test positive." I put that last in quotes because it's confusing. Remember, the "A" sample is merely a trigger. If Braun was re-tested and showed a T/E ratio below 4:1, that is not correctly called a negative test.
  • Steve Dilbeck with the LA Times declares that the 'Dodgers Need to Tender Tony Gwynn, Jr.'
    Gwynn played more than expected (a career-high 136 games) and better than most anticipated. He was as strong as advertised defensively, a little better than expected offensively and stole 22 bases.
  • Check out this great video of a fan at a Celtics game dancing for the crowd. Pretty great stuff, via
  • Topps names the SF Giants the organization of the year, via Sports Collectors Digest. The Dodgers won it last year- they are 6 time winners.
  • The Pujols market in St. Louis is dead. Stores can't even give away jerseys for free, via Sports Collectors Daily.
  • LA Kings are coming close to firing their coach, via Helene Elliott of LA Times. I hope it stops their downward spiral.
  • BNGamesReviews was at 'Nuke the Fridge Con' as has a full report.

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  • Here Stan Lee and Mike Tyson share the stage.

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