Friday, May 11, 2012

Get Your Alyssa Milano Rookie Cards

Does it make me weird if this makes me giddy like a little child.

Our favorite Dodger fan (heck, our favorite LA Sports fan) will soon have a trading card of her own.  WooHoo!  All I have to say is thank you Panini.  Check out Panini's blog for more information including a whole bunch of pics.
Indeed, Milano’s first autographed football and hockey cards will hit the market in the coming days, giving the sports world’s biggest stars a run for their secondary-market money — and redefining what a hot card looks like

Inspired in part by all of her aforementioned attributes, Panini America officials reached out to Milano last year to see if she might be interested in appearing on her own Fans of the Game cards. She was — and Panini America’s product developers couldn’t get the popular star of television shows “Who’s The Boss?” and “Charmed” into their sets fast enough.
Milano’s first-ever sports trading card appeared in Panini America’s 2011-12 Pinnacle Hockey set and captured her devotion to the Los Angeles Kings. Her first football card followed last month inside 2011 National Treasures Football and chronicled her loyalty to the New York Giants.

Here she is supporting her favorite NHL club, the LA Kings.  Unfortunately, Panini doesn't have a MLB Baseball license, so we shouldn't expect a Milano trading card with a Dodgers logo any time soon.
Here is what the reverse of the card looks like.


  1. Still no shot of her in an actual jersey. : (

  2. As a maker of my own pseudo Milano cards, I say "cool," but I'm not interested until she's backing the Dodgers on a card.

  3. One word comes to mind: EXPENSIVE!


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