Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hooray For AJ Ellis, He Finally Has a MLB Baseball Card

Can I get a shout out for AJ Ellis?

Come on now, how about a big applause for our backstop.

What a revelation he has been.  In his first full Major League season he excelled beyond our expectations.  AJ handled a pitching staff that was best in the National League in hits per 9 innings.  They were third best in team ERA and runs allowed per game.  The Dodgers pitching staff was fourth best in ERA+ and strike outs.  They were fifth best in WHIP. 

On top of that, AJ proved that he could swing the bat.  Ellis finished the season with a solid .270 batting average, 13 home runs and a .786 OPS.  And Boy, did he have a knack for the big hit.  I count three walk-off wins due to a AJ Ellis at-bat.  He smacked a walk-off single against the Padres in extra innings, a walk-off home run against the Astros in May, and a walk-off walk a week before the homer against the Cardinals.  Check out all of those walk-off victories here.

So, it is with great joy that I share with you AJ Ellis' first official Major League Baseball card.

Yes!  they finally made one for him and I will be searching high and low to the ends of the earth to add one to my collection. 

His normal base card is above, and it celebrates his knack for some clutch hitting.  Ellis is about to be gang-tackled by his mates, or is that beaten up to a bloody pulp?  Come on, Dee!  A head lock, really?  Dee looks like he's about to perform some wicked wrestling move on AJ.  It is from the recently released 2012 Topps Update set.  BTW, there are a bunch of Dodgers in it, and I will be putting them up over the next few days for you folks to see. 

Below is a Ellis autographed insert card.  It has the words, "May" I Cut In at the top, but I have no idea why.  If you have any knowledge as to why those words are on the card, please let me know.

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  1. Those are must have cards. That Ellis auto will be mine.

  2. I haven't seen the back of the autograph card, but his golden moment must have come in the month of May. Which is what all the golden moment cards recognize. It's just a little saying that Topps came up with to be catchy lol.


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