Friday, December 13, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 12/13/2013 - Dodgers Links - MLB to Ban Home Plate Collissions, the Hairston Legacy and Dodgers Phase II

The above photo was taken during the first ballgame at Ebbets Field, April 5, 1913.  Dodger Manager Bill Dahlen is seen looking out towards the field.  Pic via @Dodgers_History on twitter.
"This is, I think, in response to a few issues that have arisen — one is just the general occurrence of injuries from these incidents at home plate that affect players, both runners and catchers," Alderson said. "And also the general concern about concussions that exists not only in baseball but throughout professional sports and amateur sports today. It's an emerging issue, and one that we in baseball have to address as well as other sports. So that's part of the impetus for this rule change as well."
Jerry’s actually from one of the great baseball families — his grandfather Sam, father Jerry Sr., uncle Johny, and brother Scott all reached the major leagues — and Jerry Jr. had more plate appearances than the rest of them combined. As a matter of fact, as Red Reporter points out, “The Hairston family is the biggest baseball family ever.” His family is one of only four three-generation families in major league history, along with the Boones and Bells, and, most recently, the Colemans (Joe Sr., Joe Jr., and Casey).
  • Ken Rosenthal at FoxSports writes a great piece on the Dodgers plans - "Rosenthal: Will Dodgers stick to Phase 2 plan or keep adding payroll?"  I don't quite know what to think of this:
The Dodgers still could trade Kemp before then — he seems to have ticked off someone in upper management, though few seem to know who or why. 

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