Friday, December 13, 2013

Dodger Goodies from Hunt Auctions: Art from Steve Sax

Once again, Hunts is running their monthly sports auction, and it includes some great Dodgers collectibles.  Check out my favorites below.

This is another acetate photographic negative from the collection of noted photographer Dennis Brearley.  Dodger stars Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson and Don Newcombe have been cornered by some eager fans seeking an autograph, circa 1951.  Click on any pic to embiggen.
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I love this drawing even though I don't quite understand it. It features the Brooklyn Bum created by noted sports/editorial cartoonist Bill Crawford.  He worked for the Washington Post, Washington Daily News and Newark News, and had his work distributed to over 700 newspapers around the country.  In the below drawing the "Bum" is feeding a group of Cardinals a bag of nuts.  He remarks, "If we win dis one we're 10 games ahead - if not we're 4 ahead.  What've we got to lose?"
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This is not the Steve Sax you were thinking of.

The next two items were created by an artist named Steve Sax.  And no, I don't mean the former Dodger 2nd baseman.  This Steve Sax is a Brooklyn born artist who is known in the sports world for his modern folk-art inspired artwork.  Go to his website here.  Check out a couple of great Dodgers-related pieces available for sale below.

Here is a large two-dimensional piece featuring Jackie Robinson attempting to steal home.  Yankees catcher Yogi Berra does his best to cover home plate, but to no avail.  As you know, you can't stop Jackie.
(auction link)

This next item has been signed by both Bobby Thompson and Ralph Branca.  It celebrates the 1951 game at the Polo Grounds where Dodger dreams of another World Series appearance disappeared.  The background is reminiscent of centerfield at the Polo Grounds.
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