Monday, December 30, 2013

Dodger FanFest is Scheduled for Saturday, February 1st

For those of you wondering, the Dodgers have scheduled their annual FanFest for Saturday, February 1st, 2014.  Go here for more information.

This will be the opening event to usher in the 2014 Baseball season.  I would expect most of the Dodgers players to be on hand to sign autographs, and there will be numerous activities available for fans to participate in.  Check out my post from the 2013 FanFest right here.  I had spent most of that afternoon checking out the sights; including the Baseball museum put up by Gary Cypres of the Sports Museum of Los Angeles.

As for player autographs, I thought I would post the following guidelines as detailed by the Dodgers:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, not all players or coaches may be available on this date. Any player and coach present is subject to availability.

Event will be conducted on a first-in-line-first-served basis, we reserve the right to post and enforce line cut-offs. These postings will indicate that guests may not be guaranteed an autograph from a specific player or coach during a specific posted time if you are in line beyond the posting. These postings will be enforced at each station.
  • You may bring personal items for autographs. You are welcome to bring a photo, ball, and jersey, baseball bat or sports memorabilia to be autographed.
  • One autograph item per player or coach per station. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • In order for as many Dodger fans as possible to receive an autograph, no photos with players or coaches will be permitted.
  • Players will not be personalizing autographs.
  • If you choose to vacate your space in any line at any time during the autograph session or impede the lines' progress voluntarily, you will be removed from the line. This will be strictly enforced.
  • You may not have someone reserve a space in any autograph line. Cutting lines is not permitted and may result in dismissal from the event.
I would also suggest that if getting autographs is you main purpose for attending, then get there early - like really early!  The lines last year were horrendously long.  In fact, if you have season tickets or know someone with season tickets then your wait will be appreciably shorter.  Season Ticket holders get their own line.

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