Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blog Kiosk: 2/25/2015 - Dodger Links - Kershaw and Ethier

Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout are captured together in a photoshoot for Subway sandwiches yesterday afternoon, pic via Bill Shaikin on twitter.

Below are some more links to check out:
How is it that Kershaw became so historically platoon-proof last season? Easy: He changed his approach to one that keys on establishing the inside corner. 
"Friedman, Donnie, Farhan and all those guys understand what I said and where I'm coming from, and the intentions. With me still being here, I have to assume they're at least considering it," Ethier said. "This is a big decision coming up for the year, but they have had a lot of big decisions to make all winter. This is just a small facet of what has to be done for this team."
As McCarthy put it, "We're similarly socially awkward people with dry senses of humor."
  • Dodger Penguin shares a photo recap of his recent trip to the Dodgers Spring Training Home at Camelback Ranch, here.
  • Congrats, Night Owl!  He shares his recently completed 1956 Topps Dodgers team set.  Check it out here.  He gets some great autographs.
  • Via Joon Lee at Hardball Times, "Keep an Eye on Korean Baseball."
“In Korea, in the showers, I’ve heard it’s not considered weird to scrub down each other’s backs,” Lee said. “In the U.S., if you were to do that, it’s incredibly weird. It’s funny. Chan-Ho Park talked about that where in the first couple years of his minor league career, he tried to do that to his American teammates and his American teammates thought that he was gay. In Korea, your scrubbing each other’s backs is raising the camaraderie, like, ‘Hey, good day of practice, let me scrub down your back,’ whereas in the U.S., that’s completely off limits.”

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