Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Campanella and Newcombe Memorabilia at Hake's

Yesterday I provided a brief glimpse at some vintage Dodger memorabilia available on auction at Hake's Americana.  This afternoon my post focuses on a couple of scarce and unusual collectibles at Hake's featuring a couple of Brooklyn Dodgers' when they played in foreign lands. 

As you know, nearly all of the African-American ballplayers to play for Brooklyn started out their professional careers in various Negro and foreign Baseball Leagues.  Unfortunately, there are few memorabilia items available for fans a collectors to enjoy.  So when something comes along it's best to pay attention.

For instance, check out the vintage 1943 postcard below.  It is of the Mexican League Champion Monterrey Industriales ballclub, and it features future Dodger and Hall of Famer Roy Campanella.  He is standing, second on the right.
(Auction Link)

Here is a closeup of the 21-year old catcher.

Below is another unique item of a Brooklyn Dodger.  Here is a painting of Don Newcombe wearing a Cuban League Almendares Scorpions uniform.  This comes from the collection of Richard Merkin - a noted Negro League collector.
(Auction Link)

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