Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scans of the 1950 Jackie Robinson Comic #3

I'm far from done with sharing scans of my vintage Jackie Robinson comic collection.  After all, there's still four more to go.  Featured here are scans of book #3 released in September of 1950.  Directly below are links to the other comics I've scanned and shared so far:
    UPDATE:  Directly below are links to the other Jackie Robinson vintage comics I've scanned and shared:

    • 1950 JR Comic #1 (the first half) - Link
    • 1950 JR Comic #1 (the second half) - Link
    • 1950 JR Comic #2 (complete scans) - Link
    • 1950 JR Comic #3 (complete scans) - Link 
    • 1950 JR Comic #4 (complete scans) -Link
    • 1951 JR Comic #5 (complete scans) - Link 
    • 1951 JR Comic #6 (complete scans) - Link
      Click on any pic to embiggen.

      We learn a little bit about former Dodger Wee Willie Keeler - famous for the phase, "hit 'em where they ain't."

      And now back to Jackie Robinson with a story titled, "Jackie Robinson battles the teen-aged terror."

      Here's a Dexter Charles essay titled, "It Happened in Brooklyn."

      "Jackie Robinson Rides the Whirlwind."

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