Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 Topps Museum Collection - The Dodgers Canvas Collection Cards

After sharing pics of both the base and the various Dodgers relic cards available in 2016 Topps Museum, I thought I would take a step back to focus on just one card.  Featured directly below is the Clayton Kershaw Canvas Collection card.  As you can see it is an reprint of an original drawing by Mayumi Seto.

Canvas Collection Reprints

#CC-12 Clayton Kershaw

Not too shabby, eh?

As always, Topps has also inserted several original canvas collection art cards into packs.  Unfortunately, the original to the above Kershaw card has yet to be unearthed, but there are others out there that have.  Check out another Kershaw art card directly below.  See the eBay auction listing here.

Here is another Mayumi Seto drawn card.  This time it's of Yasiel Puig.  See original auction listing here.  It sold for $249.95.

And here is a Koufax art card.  See original auction listing here.

Overall, these look really nice and I think I would've been happy if they chose any of the cards below.   On a side note, at least they're better than that one Museum original art cards from last year.  Check out what I mean here.

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