Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 Topps Stadium Club - All the Dodgers Base Cards

This is probably my favorite non-flagship brand Baseball card set. Featured below are all of the Dodgers' base cards found in packs of Topps 2018 Stadium Club. These boxes officially land in stores tomorrow, but singles are already showing up online. Go here for a complete checklist.

The Stadium Club brand has a long history of using simple design elements to go along with a focus on fantastic photography, and this years set delivers on that.

We've got everything from a Yasiel Puig "tongue" photo to a contemplative Joc Pederson at the dugout rails. The best photo, though, is clearly the Clayton Kershaw card seen above. It features Clayton's two kids on the mound for a ceremonial first pitch with Kershaw playing the part of catcher. Better yet, the photo limits the depth of field by keeping the tykes in-focus while leaving Kershaw out-of-focus. We are obviously being told that the the most important subjects in the photo are his kids, and I suspect Clayton would tell you that's right.

There are twenty Dodger base cards within the 300 card set. Take a look at all of them below. Furthermore, there are likely to be numerous photo variation cards, as well, so once they are all unveiled I will be sure to post about them.

UPDATE: BTW, the above Clayton Kershaw card appears to be one of those variations


#10 Matt Kemp                   #92 Kyle Farmer

#95 Yasiel Puig

#106 Austin Barnes

#111 Cody Bellinger                         #142 Chris Taylor

#143 Tim Locastro           #151 Justin Turner

#174 Kenley Jansen                            #193 Joc Pederson

#200 Jackie Robinson

#212 Corey Seager                 #220 Walker Buehler

#231 Julio Urias                  #258 Kenta Maeda

#264 Alex Wood                 #266 Alex Verdugo

#276 Clayton Kershaw

#285 Mike Piazza

#288 Sandy Koufax

UPDATE: I thought I would just add the below checklist of Dodgers' Base Chrome cards found in packs. Of the twenty Dodger base cards, just six of them are available in shiny chrome. See the checklist below.

Base Chrome

  • #SCC-111 Cody Bellinger
  • #SCC-212 Corey Seager
  • #SCC-220 Walker Buehler
  • #SCC-266 Alex Verdugo
  • #SCC-276 Clayton Kershaw
    #SCC-288 Sandy Koufax
#SCC-288 Sandy Koufax

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