Friday, March 09, 2012

Hake's Auctions: Awesome Baseball Collectibles

I've got Hake's Auction on my mind this week. Here is my third post (see 1 & 2) featuring items from their current auction and I think it's important to note that this might be the most fun of the three. This time I feature some very cool Baseball collectibles. Check them out below.

I happen to love vintage Baseball figurines and this grouping is beyond awesome. Originally produced in 1958 it features 6 cartoon characters playing ball. The come from the Studios of Walter Lantz- creator of such lovable characters as Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy.

Includes Woody Woodpecker pitching, Wally Walrus catching, Oswald as umpire, Knothead & Splinter cheering at bat rack, Andy Panda batting, and Chilly Willy selling popcorn and peanuts.
(Auction Link)

Circa 1930's Mickey Mouse figurines from Japan in a Baseball theme are below.

For some reason I really like this two postcards. They both come from the collection of Richard Merkin, who I wrote about previously, and feature some rather large fellows playing ball.
First is dated June 30, 1908 on reverse showing "World's Largest Ball Player. Member Of Citizens Baseball Team Weight 450lbs. Emporium, Pa." Several different in this series by Weiman. This one shows player in uniform holding bat at home plate. Second postcard is c. 1910 showing ten member team in "Fat Mens Amusement Co." uniform on field with crowd in bkg. Mostly obese men as well as one little person.
These are likely related to a couple of barnstorming teams from the early part of the 20th Century.

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