Monday, March 05, 2012

Hake's Auctions: Campy in Mexico

Hake's Auctions, well known for selling vintage toys, has also built a strong reputation for quality sports memorabilia. For at least the past couple of years they were the exclusive auctioneer of the collection of Richard Merkin, a noted Negro League collector. In fact, their current auction has several more items from Merkin's collection that I will highlight in a future post. At this time, though, I want to highlight a couple of Dodgers related items that caught my eye.

Below is an original drawing by noted New York Post cartoonist John Pierotti. From 1958 it features a Brooklyn Dodger with sword in hand riding a torn New York Yankees jersey while heading towards Los Angeles. The Dodger has exchanged his Brooklyn cap for an LA cap as their move to the west coast has become a reality.

This is a real treat. Here is a Negro League collectible from the collection of Richard Merkin that Dodger fans will enjoy. This is a real photo post card from 1943. It features a Baseball team from Monterey, Mexico that happens to include soon-to-be Major Leaguer and Brooklyn Dodger Roy Campanella. He is seated on the very far left. A close up of Campy is also below.

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