Thursday, September 05, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball - The Dodgers Colgan's Chip Disk

This might be the best insert set of the 2013 Baseball season.

Shown here are the 2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball Colgan's Chip Disk of Dodger players.  These little cards copy a vintage set originally put out from 1909-1913 called Colgan’s Chips.  They are round and feature black & white photos; much like its vintage cousin.

Back in 2007 a large find of over 150 original vintage Colgan's Chip cards were uncovered.  It was dubbed "The Skydash Find" and was valued at over $1 Million.  See my original story about this find here.  It's a great story about how a family inherited the cards - not knowing what they had.  A family member shared their cards on a popular vintage card message board to find out their worth and were immediately harangued with questions.  Most knowledgeable collectors couldn't believe what they were reading, so they demanded photos.  Soon, those photos came to light and the hobby world swooned. 

The best part about "The Skydash Find" story is how they almost got thrown in the trash.  Heck, only two boxes of cards survived the trash heap while another two boxes of memorabilia disappeared.  It is thought by the family that an original Babe Ruth signed jersey was tossed away.

You receive 1 disk in each pack of Cooperstown cards, and there are 165 total cards in the complete set.  So, sit back and enjoy the wonder of these modern cards below.

Colgan's Chips Disks

#38 Dazzy Vance                               #41 Zack Wheat

#44 Jackie Robinson                          #54 Roy Campanella

#80 Duke Snider                                   #88 Pee Wee Reese

#119 Tommy Lasorda                              #121 Don Sutton

#152 Walter O'Malley

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