Thursday, September 05, 2013

Some Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers Photographic Negatives at Hunt Auctions

Hunt is currently running their monthly internet auction and it includes some original acetate negatives from noted sports photographer Dennis Brearley.  He is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo journalist once employed by a Boston area newspaper and as the team photographer for the Boston Red Sox.

Since 1978 he has been selling original prints from his own collection of photos taken over his career.  Now, fans and collectors alike can enjoy owning the original negatives.  Via the Brearly website:
"Since 1978 the Brearley family has thoroughly enjoyed presenting our unique photographs to our customers. The decision to sell our collection of collectibles and original negatives was not an easy one." remarked the Brearley Family. "However, we have had wonderful experiences and met some great people; it has been a great ride! We hope the future owners of this unique collection enjoy it as much as we have."
Check out some of the Brooklyn Dodger photos I came across below. Of note, there was a great photograph of Babe Ruth in Dodger Blue.  He was standing in the dugout with a megaphone held up to his mouth.  No doubt, Ruth was scream encouraging words.  Unfortunately, that item has since been pulled, and I was unable to grab the pic before it disappeared.

Now, on to the Dodger photos.
(Auction Link)

Above is a great, circa 1950's era, photo negative of Pee Wee Reese.  It sold for $143.00.  Below is Duke Snider.  It sold for $81.00.
(Auction Link)

Here is a lot of two negatives featuring Don Drysdale, circa 1950's.  It sold for a very affordable $35.00.  Don looks so young in these.
(Auction Link)

This next lot consist of 15 different negatives, but only 4 are shown.  They sold for $35.00.  I can make out Ralph Branca on the top right, Leo Durocher in the center and Duke Snider on the bottom.
(Auction Link)

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