Thursday, September 05, 2013

A 1976 Jim Beam's Bicentennial Bourbon / Norman Rockwell Decanter

This ranks as one of my favorite Brooklyn Dodgers related memorabilia items in my collection.  Shown here is a 1976 decanter of Jim Beam's Bourbon.  It is a Bicentennial glass bottle featuring a classic Normal Rockwell painting that many of you may be familiar with.  It is commonly named "Game Called Because of Rain".  It has also been called "The Three Umpires", "Tough Call" and "Bottom of the Sixth".

The reverse of the bottle has the following description:
This cover picture by Norman Rockwell depicts the old Ebbets Field, then the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Here, the Dodgers are trailing the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0 in the sixth inning.  If the arbiters call the game because of rain, the score will stand as is and Pittsburgh will win.  This irks the Brooklynites, who dislike having other teams win.  In the picture, a Brooklyn coach could well be saying, "You may be all wet, but it ain't raining a drop!"  The huddled Pittsburgh Pirates manager is doubtless retorting, "For the love of Abner Doubleday, how can we play ball in this cloudburst?"
This decanter can easily be found on eBay for about $10, and would look phenomenal in any collectors showcase.

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  1. Mine are all full unopened...For just $10 I would set them out and let the cat have fun breaking them....


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