Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Topps Living Set - #104 - Alex Verdugo

This new Alex Verdugo card makes it the eighth Dodger to be issued in Topps Living Baseball card set -- which seems like an awful lot considering there are only 105 cards available in the set so far. Nevertheless, this Dodger fan welcomes the future Dodger outfielder. Just last week I picked up my first Dodgers' Living Set card on eBay - it was of Yasiel Puig - and I am very happy with it. I think I'll be adding the rest of the set to my collection soon. BTW, you can often find them on eBay at prices well below what they cost directly from Topps.

Anyway, go here to check out the Verdugo card and order. Below is a current Dodgers checklist with their corresponding print runs:
  • #17 - Chris Taylor (link here) 4,837 print run  
  • #42 - Jackie Robinson (link here)13,147 print run 
  • #53 - Walker Buehler (link here) 7,305 print run 
  • #66 - Yasiel Puig (link here) 4,886 print run 
  • #73 - Cody Bellinger (link here) 5,273 print run 
  • #88 - Manny Machado (link here) 4,802 print run
  • #95 - Clayton Kershaw (link here) 5,872 print run 

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