Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Topps Living Set - #17 Chris Taylor - The First Dodger

Have you heard of the Topps "Living Set"?

Introduced at the beginning of this season, Topps has created a whole new concept in collecting. They have put together a set that has will have no end and is not tied to any specific season or era. Rather, it's a cross-generational brand that will issue one card for every player -- unless that player changes teams. In other words, this set will continue to grow in size seemingly forever with only one card per player/per team. For instance, ten years from now they will still be adding to the set, and assuming a player like Clayton Kershaw never changes teams, you will only find one card of him available.

Best yet, the cards will be fashioned after the vintage 1953 Topps Baseball card set -- the first hand painted set. Unlike most other modern day issues this set will use pics that are actual drawings by a real artist. Most modern cards that look like a painting are nothing more than a photo-shopped rendition of the photo. The artwork for these cards will be done by noted sports artist Mayumi Seto. You can check out some of the work he's done on his Instagram page here.

As you can see, Chris Taylor gets the honor to be the very first Dodger made available in the set. Go here to check it out and order. They will be available for only a week and will cost you $7.99 a card. The market over the next week will determine how many of the cards will be printed. Below is a look at the reverse of the card.

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