Sunday, April 30, 2006

Emotionally Drained

Oh My.

I feel like my bike that held up great for most of my ride through the mountains. That was before a fateful event occurred. Right when the sun was going down and my car in sight, I crashed with a thud. I had hit a bump on the road and landed on my backside. Ouch! That hurt.

This afternoons game was just like that ride. All day I enjoyed the tempo of the game as Derek Lowe went 6 innings, and allowed only 2 hits. He has been good all season, we'll forget about opening day. That was an anomaly. Osoria pitched a masterful 2 innings. Everything was good in the world.

Then, lightening strikes. The ninth inning. An unlikely event comes at you out of nowhere, and you are soon groaning in pain on the ground. You wonder what happened. An perfect storm consisting of a road hazard, a bike chain dislodged from its crank and my own misfortune leads to a harrowing event. Man, my bum hurts! Carter comes in and continues to throw poorly. A landslide turns into a avalanche. Soon, Baez proves he's human giving up the tying run in the ninth after 2 walks. One to pitcher Trevor Hoffman. Ouch! We lose in the tenth and stumble back home a little embarrassed and as worn out as that bike after the crash.

After my ride I knew I had two choices. I could lie in pain rubbing my knees as blood and dirt cover my legs. Or, I can get up, wipe my legs, pick up my bike, re-hook the chain and ride the remaining way to the car. I choose the latter. Afterall, as the saying goes, its how you land that's important. Its always best to land with two feet firmly on the ground with a ready hop, skip and a jump in your heals. Chalk it up to a painful memory and trudge along standing straight up.

The Dodgers go to Arizona to close out this roadtrip with two games. They then go home for a homestand with the Padres and Brewers. Its still early and we have plenty of time to fix whatever kinks remain. Lets hope that the Dodgers choose the latter option and stand straight up.

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