Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liking What I'm Seeing

Over the past several days I just have not found the inclination to write. Frankly, I'm still a bit worn out by my vacation and find myself in a daze most evenings. Unfortunately, I have not been sleeping regularly- at least at regular hours. Maybe its jetlag, but I doubt it. That should have worn out long ago. I guess you can say that I feel like I'm in limbo. Mind you, not a purgatory style limbo, but more of a worn out, I can't find the words kind of feeling. Nevertheless, the Dodgers play of late has not added to my plight. In fact, it appears to have lulled me into a kind of blissful happiness. You see, I don't care that the Dodgers are 5-5 over the past 10 games because I'm quite content with how things are shaping out. The old veterans are contributing and the rookies are picking up the slack. Sure... the pitching has been ailing, but so what. The future is bright.

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