Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Go Tigers Go!

Now that the sun has set, at least for the Dodgers, this year, who should I be rooting for?

Can I cheer for the Cardinals? I still hurt from Jack Clark's homerun in game 6 of the 1985 National League Championship Season. So that's a no.

How about the Mets? Maybe, but ... it's probably way to soon for me considering how they walloped the Dodgers last week. Call me bitter. I don't care.

Is Oakland worthy of my devotion? I was a big apologist for Milton Bradley when he was with the Dodgers, but today, no more. Besides, Oakland is far to close to San Francisco. Thumbs down for Oakland.

Lastly, comes the Tigers. Can you believe the Tigers? The team that brought us Kirk Gibson is about ready to give us another miracle. They go from one of the worst teams in Baseball last season to one of the best teams in Baseball this season. Jim Leyland taught them to be winners and solidifies his grasp as the greatest coach this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Then they knock out the Yankees in the ALDS. That's all I need to hear. They have my vote.

Tigers it is!

Go Tigers Go!

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