Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pictures from Yesterdays' Game

I cheered, I screamed, I chanted and I clapped. It was exciting, it was breathtaking, it was unbelievable and it was over. This was one of the loudest games I've ever heard. The crowd was insane from the start. We saw a team flourish and scrap to earn a playoff berth. Unfortunately, it finished far too soon.

Congratulations to the Mets!

Below are some pictures I took that afternoon. Check out my photo ablum link for more pictures.

Here is a video I made of the Opening Ceremonies.

YouTube Link:

I also had a chance to barely make the third period of the Kings home opener. I had just sat down when the puck was dropped to start the period. 14 seconds later Michael Cammalleri scored a goal. Go King Go!


  1. LOL! I see you were in Section 55... I was in row P.. small world eh? I manage the DodgerDogs Youtube account and follow this blog..Sadly I'll have more time now to update those video files..

  2. Hey there... I was in row T, just behind you! It's good to hear from you. Your videos are great.

  3. Thanks! I'll be putting up a bunch of MLB highlights from this past season on there, plus whatever else I find.


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