Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mets Give Out Broadcaster Baseball Cards

I can't believe I just heard about this. The NY Mets had a recent promotion where they gave away trading cards featuring their on-air/ radio talent. Illustrious former stars like Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Ralph Kiner and Lee Mazzilli were available.

The Dodgers need to do this. I would love to have a baseball card featuring Vin Scully. I would even keep a Rick Monday, Steve Lyons and Charley Steiner cards in my collection. On the other hand, we can do what the the Mets fans did.
It started around the fifth inning, what looked like confetti falling from the upper decks by left field. Then more fell. And more. By the eighth inning, everyone in the stadium had the itch, because they had discovered that the SNY baseball cards fluttered in the hot New York air like ticker tape after a World Series win. The PA announcer had to warn everyone to not throw anything from the stands on to the field, or the game would be delayed. Of course few cards made it to the field, most just fluttered down to the field level seats.

Probably the most interesting thing was that the fans were being very selective about who they threw over the railing. The Trifecta of Mets game announcers, Ron Darling, Gary Cohen, and Keith Hernandez, as well as legendary player/announcer Ralph Kiner seemed to, for the most part, be spared the indignity of having their cardboard alter-egos hurled out of the stands. The lesser watched SNY talent did not have that privilege. Miniature Julie Donaldsons, Matt Yallofs, Lee Mazzillis and Kevin Burkhardts were everywhere, with only an occasional recognizable face thrown in (probably by Braves fans).
So who would you select to be thrown into the wild Blue yonder?

You can have the Steiner, I'm keeping the Scully!

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