Friday, November 16, 2007

Dodgers Eyeing Rowand, But His Agents Comment Has Me Worried

Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise has the scoop. Aaron Rowand is talking to the Dodgers. This in itself is an interesting development that deserved discussion since it appears to confirm that the Dodgers are looking to add a veteran outfielder. On the other hand, Diamond quotes Rowand's agent at the end of his article that brought chills to my spine.
"The interest appears to depend on a lot of things," Landis (Rowand's agent) said. "The Dodgers are apparently focusing on a veteran club and various ways to spend money. Aaron is a candidate, and so are other people via trade and free agency. It's still in the early process."
A veteran club? Could this spell doom for the Dodger youth movement? Is Colletti's penchant for a veteran presence fostered within the chilly confines of the San Francisco bay finally rearing it's ugly head within Dodgerland? Have we given up on some of our more promising potential stars?

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