Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wax Attack: Target Shopping

How many times have you walked past that section at Target with unopened packs from every sport imaginable. They are always tucked away in the corner near the farthest check-out lane. They are very easy to miss and always seem to be devoid of customers. I sometimes wonder if they ever sell anything from this section.

So this past weekend, while completing my Christmas shopping list I decided to stop at the card aisle to take a look. I reached around and checked out every different box and pack they had. I hadn't heard of half of the brands. Nevertheless, I figured, "why not!" It had easily been half a decade since I'd opened a pack of cards. So, I reached down and decided to buy a combo box of various different packs to wet my whistle. Unfortunately, the box had mostly older packs, so finding one of the Dodgers burgeoning stars would not be in the cards.
What I did find in my box, though, was a card set I had never seen before. It's called The Baseball Enquirer- Fun Stuff cards produced by CONFEX in 1992. I was an active card dealer back then so I'm amazed that I had never come across this in the past. It features comedic/ unflattering painted pictures of various Baseball stars, as well as, insulting interview style questions and answers on the back. Below is Lasorda's fake interview.
Man-O-Live, they don't pull their punches. Anyway, below are 2 of my other favorites.

Over the next several days I'll highlight cards from the other packs I opened from this box during the between-holiday lull.

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