Thursday, April 24, 2008

Call Me Impressed

I've been waiting to hear more about these kinds of improvements since Frank McCourt first stated his desire to re-engineer the stadium grounds at the time of his purchase of the Dodgers. Fortunately, he has not disappointed. Overall, I think this will be a very nice change to the facility. Whether fans actually show up early and stay late remains to be seen, but at least the option is there.

My favorite part of the deal is the proposed Dodger museum. Although it is being billed as an interactive setting, I hope it also includes a more traditional museum. How great would it be to be surrounded by the memorabilia and artifacts of Dodgers long gone. In one corner are the uniforms of Jackie, Campy, Duke and Pee Wee. On the other wall are Campy's MVP awards. Sandy's glove is in another display and the flag Monday saved is hanging at the front entrance.
For the official press release go here. For the gallery link go here.

Hat Tip on the links to Dodger Thoughts.

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