Friday, April 25, 2008

Fan Satisfaction Ratings

ESPN put out their annual fan satisfaction ratings covering every team in North America's four largest leagues- MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL. As you can see, the Dodgers ranked 77th overall and just 4th against other LA (and vicinity) based franchises.
How sad is it when the OC teams not only beat all of the LA teams, but well outpaced the group? The Ducks and Angels are in the top 10 in the nation.

ESPN summarizes the Dodger fan experience.
Last Year's Rank: 60
Title Track: 41
Ownership: 64
Coaching: 21
Players: 76
Fan Relations: 85
Affordability: 65
Stadium Experience: 48
Bang for the Buck: 107

Looks like Dodgers fans haven't minded going back to their East Coast roots. The replacement of Grady Little with Brooklyn native Joe Torre vaulted the Coaching ranking 45 points. It's also clear Angelenos didn't appreciate every change this year. The Dodgers faithful endured, but clearly hated (given the 31-place Affordability plummet), a 26.9% spike in average ticket prices (up to $26.28, the biggest bump in the bigs), plus a 50% rise in parking costs, to $15. An upper-deck seat behind home plate is still just $9, but fans must save pennies to enjoy the newly renovated Field Level. "It makes me thankful for two things," wrote Xeifrank on "Home games are televised and parking in my driveway is free." This season marks the Dodgers 50th b-day in the City of Angels, but not everyone feels like celebrating. - Doug Mittler

McCourt continues to have a lot of work to do. Not only that, the Kings, my other sports team passion, of the NHL have a long way to go.

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  1. Interesting, but not that surprising.

  2. If one of the problems is pricing, Dodger fans are going to be pissed about the $500 million dollar renovation that isn't increasing capacity. Since attendance can't really go much higher then it is now, the only way to make that money back is to raise ticket prices.




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