Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eBay: The Rarest of the Rare- L1's

This post includes a collection of very rare vintage Baseball collectibles from the early part of the 20th century. Created in 1912 for the Helmar Tobacco Co. they were premium items that could be obtained only by sending in 50 coupons inserted into packs of Turkish Trophies cigarettes. Exceedingly rare and highly desirable they measure approximately 10" by 12" and feature drawings on leather of many of the great players of the day. They are designated and commonly known as "L1" in the standard catalog.

About a couple of weeks ago five of these treasures were sold on eBay. As expected they garnered plenty of attention from high-end collectors. Unfortunately, they were well out of my price range. Nevertheless, it's great seeing them. Below is Napoleon Lajoie and it sold for $8,350.00.

The below "Home Run" Baker sold for $6,056.00.

The only common in the bunch of Mike Mitchell sold for $1,800.00.

Grover Cleveland Alexander below sold for $10,098.00.

Hard nosed player and coach John McGraw sold for $8,056.00.

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