Thursday, July 03, 2008

eBay: Dodger Rarities

HYee Auctions always has some great and fascinating sports collectibles. Whenever they put items up for sale I always find myself checking my bank account for some extra disposable income. Unfortunately, collectors with much more money than myself always seems to beat me. Usually by large margins. So, instead, I'm forced to window shop. Check out the over 1,000 items here. They cover everything from vintage Baseball, basketball, boxing and Americana. Heck, there's everything from a photo of Standing Bear to PT Barnum.

Below is a great original photograph of three famous Dodgers in tux's doing a dancing routine. Don Drysdale, Tommy Davis and Sandy Koufax sure look spiffy. Tommy and Sandy appear to be in the zone as they look flawless in their dancing shoes, but Don looks a little lost. Is he counting his steps afraid that he might look foolish next to his teammates? Maybe he is on the verge of losing the beat.

Dairy Queen sure sounds tasty right now. Can I have a couple of hot dogs and a Blizzard please? How about a couple of vintage 1956 premium statues of Dodger greats Roy Campanella and Pee Wee Reese? These white plastic 3 inch statues were given away to adoring fans with a purchase at the ice cream shop. They are fairly rare and these examples are in incredible shape.

Below is Pee Wee Reese.

I don't know if Jackie smoked, but I do know that being a spokesman for the tobacco industry back then was a highly sought after position. Below are two great original promotion photos of Jackie Robinson selling Chesterfield cigarettes. They date to the 1940's .

Last but not least is a photo of one of my all time favorite non-Dodger players, Robin Yount. He simply epitomized the virtues of class and hard work on and off the field. On top of that, this photo is the greatest action photo I've ever seen. It dates to October 10, 1981.

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