Tuesday, July 08, 2008

KPCC Continues Their Dodger Series

If you've forgotten about 89.3 KPCC's radio series about the history of the Dodgers, like I had, then go ahead and check them out. They are up to Part 5.

Part 1: Dodgers Move to LA Wasn't Popular:
Part 2: LA's Baseball Team Almost Became the 'Senators':
Part 3: Walter O'Malley Was Influential in Bringing Dodgers to LA:
Part 4: A Helicopter Ride Led Dodgers to Chavez Ravine:
Part 5: Chavez Ravine Residents Fought to Save Homes:

Above is the helicopter Walter O'Malley used to flu over Chavez Ravine.
On May 2, 1957, Dodger owner Walter O'Malley takes a 50-minute helicopter ride to view prospective sites for Dodger Stadium. From left is Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn; Undersheriff Peter Pitchess; Del Webb, co-owner of the New York Yankees; O'Malley; and pilot Capt. Sewell Griggers at Biscailuz Center. Only O'Malley and Capt. Griggers took the helicopter ride over the Los Angeles area in the two-seat Sheriff's helicopter. It was only O'Malley's third visit to Los Angeles.

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