Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Game Face Time

Andre Ethier updates his blog in preparation for the series.

There are no descriptions of local Chicago delicacies. There are no photos of specially prepared veggies or beef cooked to order. Neither Sushi or Pizza was on his mind.

Preparation was the order of the day.

Heck, from the sounds of it, the Dodger plane ride to Chicago felt different according to Andre.
You could just sense from the way the guys were acting on the plane that this wasn't just another trip.
Then, Dustin Pedroia sent Ethier a message that helped put it all in perspective.
"This is where champions are made -- Let's go."

The right frame of mind, for a young player, sometimes is all that is needed to take you to that next level.

Champions! As Dustin said, "Let's Go!"

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