Thursday, May 14, 2009

eBay: Finding Solace

Amid all of the rancor and disappointment felt by the Dodger Nation over the past week we can at least sit back on our couch and enjoy that shelf of collectibles you have sitting in the corner. Heck, you can even window shop at a store called eBay to check out some some Dodger items you've never seen before.

Below is one of those items. Here is a vintage 1960's LA Dodgers doll that stands 11 inches tall and appears to be in fair condition- it has some staining on the front. This doll made its way to Washington, but is begging to come home to the southland. With just a few hours left in the auction (as of this posting) it is begging for a bidder.

At flea markets, garage sales and on eBay you can find a whole bunch of vintage store model Baseball gloves to enjoy, play with or display. Rarely do you find a vintage glove with the original box that dates to 1955. This auction features just that. Here is a store model Baseball glove that remains in pristine condition and in it's original box of Dodger Billy Loes. It sold for $51.00.

Every once in awhile you run into vintage photographic slides for sale on eBay. Here is an example of a great action shot featuring the Sandy Koufax on the mound. What's great about this photo is that it appears Sandy is reaching for a ball that has been hammered his way by the batter. I wonder if he was able to snag it? It sold for $31.00.

Here is another great looking late 1950's press photo of Hall of Famer Don Drysdale. He is in a classic follow-through pose. It sold for an affordable $19.00.

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