Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twittering Manny

Over the past several weeks I have suddenly and unexpectedly become addicted to Twitter. I check it several times throughout the day like a crack addict searching for a new fix. So far, it has been indispensable as I was able to track the recent NHL draft (I'm as big a Kings fanatic as I am a Dodger fan) and found out about the passing of MJ before most. Still, I wonder if it's that important to get split second news or am I better off waiting till later in the day. Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine not being on Twitter. You just end up running into some interesting things.

For instance, last nights game that included the pinch hitting heroics of Manny Ramirez caused Dodger fans on twitter to go mad. Check out some of those post below.

First, Alyssa Milano was late to the game, but was just in time to get her bobblehead (see her pic here).
"Sitting in traffic trying to get into the parking lot at Dodger Stadium. Nothing makes me more anxious than to be late to a game. Grrrrr."
She then records the crowd as Manny comes out for his curtain call after his homerun.

Speaking of bobbleheads, Manny's ceramic head was all over the net. Check out Kemp with it in hand here. Roberto of Vin Scully is My Homeboy here. How about a Mannywood shirts and bobblehead here. See more here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There are many more, but I just can't post them all.

Of course, a bunch of folks had to mention what Vin Scully said.
"Manny's HR was the loudest he's heard at Dodger Stadium since Gibsons HR since 1988."
Heck, Doug Mientkiewicz thinks Manny should sit on the bench more often.
"Sorry bout the grand slam Manny has a future in being a pinch hitter!!! Haha."
And, probably the most useless stat of the evening was this:
"Newest baseball stat: Manny is the one and only to hit a grand slam on his own bobblehead night, and I got one!"
Then I get to Plaschke. First he refuses to take a bobblehead, then the 6th inning rolls around and he goes totally Manny crazy.
"omg...manny off bench to pinch hit with bases loaded and one out in sixth...tie is going crazy...a fiesta just broke out"
"Bronson Arroyo looking at dugout like, please, come get me now. Manny gets to the plate and Dusty comes to make a change"
"He crushed it over left-field fence. OMG. Dugout going crazy. Fans going nuts. OK, OK, I also got chills. OMG. He's a cheat, but what a bat"
"If Dodgers win World Series, this will be first defining moment of season"
"Place is still buzzing. Fans now just standing in disbelief. I'm with them."
"Dylan Hernandez, our Dodger writer, just walked up to me and said, ''You taking the bobblehead now??''..Sigh...No"
"Just left dodger clubhouse...casey blake was dancing...that's all you need to know..a special night...he's still a cheat but, well, omg.."
Admit it Bill you love Manny and you want to have a million of his babies. It's amazing how one season defining homerun can turn the naysayers into cheerleaders.

Now for your viewing pleasure, check out the video below of a fans perspective of last nights grand slam.

YouTube Link: mooboys:

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  1. Just started a new Dodgers twitter page @los_dodgers Dodgers news 24/7


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