Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Cal Abrams

Here, once again, is another player written note to superfan Roy. This time he hears from former Dodger Cal Abrams. Roy ask about his career highlights and star players.
Just being a major leaguer fulfilled my childhood dreams! Some of the highlights I remember were a grand slam off Ruben Gomez in 1952. Also, having several good years in the minors. A big thrill was just wearing a Dodger uniform. Willie Mays & Hank Aaron are superstars in my book.

As I look back, there were dozens of great players that I had the privilege to play with and against. I honestly believe, that the years I played in1948-1957 produced more superstars than today
That, you are probably right.

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As you may know, Cal Abrams was a Brooklyn born kid who played at Madison High School. So, getting to play for your hometown team must have been a thrill. Playing for the Dodgers was not all roses and cherries, though.
In 1951, his manager Charlie Dressen, who was "capable of cruelty," failed to play him on "Cal Abrams Day."
Cal Abrams wore number 18 for most of his career. The number is the Hebrew word for life. Also, like many of his peers he entered into the Army in 1942 (before his Baseball career could really start) and served in both the Pacific and Atlantic campaigns in WWII. He was awarded 2 battle stars in the Pacific, a Philippine Liberation Medal and a bronze star.

When he passed away in 1997 he was buried in his Brooklyn Dodgers uniform.
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