Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo Day at Dodger Stadium, 1966

Once again I would like to thank Bob Wong for allowing me to post some photos from his collection. They are like sitting in a H. G. Wells Time Machine painted in Blue and adorned with pennants, trophies and a little statue of Tommy Lasorda resting in front like a hood ornament. Below are a series of photos taken on Photo Day at Dodger Stadium in 1966.

Below, Willie Davis poses for the cameras.
Doesn't Sandy Koufax look dapper.
Below is Ron Perranoski and John Kennedy.
Jim Barbieri and Don Sutton are connected at the hip.
It looks like Willie Davis is having a little fun with Don Sutton.


  1. I think that's the closest thing to a smile that I've ever seen on a Sutton picture.

  2. 3-Dog was a great teammate --- the only guy who could make Sutton smile ---


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