Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Winter Is For Awards

Already, the 2009 post-season has been very fruitful one for the Blue Crew. So far, we've taken down a couple of Silver Sluggers, Gold Gloves and Minor League Player of the Years. On top of that, two of our outfielders finished in the top 10 in the recently announced NL MVP race. All of this adds credence to how great last season was.

Now, we are given the opportunity to add more trophies to the mantle. The 2009 "This Year In Baseball" Awards are up for voting by the fans and the Dodgers have 3 capable winners in their corner. Apparently, this is the 8th year of these awards. Frankly, I don't remember the past 7. Nevertheless, any time you can celebrate a great year with accolades and gifts during a cold winter the warmer we become.

So, here are your contestants.
  • For Closer of the Year, vote for Jonathon Broxton. Go here to vote. We have some strong competition to deal with in this category. Mariano Rivera, Joe Nathan and Jonathon Papelbon may block the big mans path.
  • Executive of the Year, vote for Ned Colletti. Go here to vote. I don't really want to tell how to vote on this one. After all, everyone seems to have their own opinion on the work of our GM. Nevertheless, he's gotten us to the playoffs several times and has, seemingly, put together a good team of veterans while maintaining the youth parade. In other words, he has built a competitive team without mortgaging our future. For that, I give a big thumbs up. Of course, if Carlos Santana ends up being a superstar I may not be so kind.
I do have one other request. Check out the candidates for the "Oddity of the Year" awards and vote for Mr. T. "Don't be a fool!"

1 comment:

  1. Torre bats Kemp 8th, mismanages pitching, makes tons of other mistakes. Never would I vote for him.

    Colletti deals away Santana and Josh Bell. Never would I vote for him.


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