Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blog Kiosk: 1/3/2010

I can appreciate fans wanting more... but, really? It's way to early in the off-season, and this team is easily a favorite in the division. You can say that I'm not worried about this teams abilities.
  • This is great news. Via Tribe Cards, he tells us that Ben Henry will be back in 2010 with new content on his great site- The Baseball Card Blog. For a reminder of this blog's greatness check out his last post featuring the classic poem "Casey At The Bat" as told in words and Baseball cards.
  • GCRL finds a Lopes card I didn't know existed- 1976 Greyhound Heroes of the Basepaths.
  • Check out this Dodger clip featuring prospects Dee Gordon and Ethan Martin fishing. A great moment is when Dee Gordon mentions that his dream is to bat against his father, Tom Gordon. Then, he mentions that if it ever happens his Dad said he would probably try to hit him. That is fatherly love.
  • Hey Dodger fans. What would you think about Johnny Damon being a Giant?
  • MLB Trade Rumors does a great rundown on Baseball's winter activity so far.
  • Check out some new The Problem with Young People trading cards.
  • Takuo Toda breaks the World Flight Record for a paper plane.
    "It's really a sport," he said. "The throwing technique is very delicate."
  • Here is the Team USA jersey for the upcoming 2010 Olympics.
  • The art and beauty of snowflakes in photos at
  • Listen to the last 3 outs of Bill Singer's no-hitter against the Phillies on July 20, 1970 with Vin Scully announcing.

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