Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Incredible - The Merkle Ball Will Be For Sale

No way. This is just unbelievable. REA just announced on their blog that they will be auctioning off the original ball used to call Fred Merkle out. Yes, the infamous Merkle play. This event is considered the most controversial play in Baseball and spawned the term "bonehead" as a result. Not only that, if not for "Merkle's Boner" the Chicago Cubs would never have won their last World Series ever in 1908.

Who knew the game ball still existed. Incredible. (I know... I know... Charlie Sheen use to own the ball)

This ball is priceless and will probably be worth hundred of thousands of dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if Keith Olbermann ends up as the winner. He is known as a expert on the infamous event.

Check the videos below for a quick history lesson on this infamous play.

Part 1

YouTube Link:

Part 2

YouTube Link:

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  1. This is awesome! I was talking last year to a member of the Evers family who used to own the ball until the '90s. Thanks for posting about this. Awesome.


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