Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Blog Highlight: The Infinite Baseball Card Set

I believe this blog has already been highlighted on a number of different collector blogs already, so this website may be nothing new to some of you. However, since the proprietor recently unveiled a Jackie Robinson beauty I though it would only be proper to share it.

Gary Joseph Cieradkowski is illustrating his own card set with his own unique design featuring
"forgotten players, Negro Leaguers, Hall of Famers before they made the pros, semi-pro heroes and anyone else I always wanted a card of."
He is calling it The Infinite Baseball Card Set and you should check it out.

If I were so inclined to make such a set, of players I have always wanted to make; then, I would also have to include players and personalities such as Alexander Cartwright, Hugh Jennings, Victor Starffin (the Russian born Japanese League pitcher from the 1940's), Martin Dihigo (Negro Leaguer), Maud Nelson & Lizzie Murphy (legendary female players from the 1890's to 1930's) and Horace Wilson (who brought Baseball to Japan). Of course, an occasional vintage Brooklyn Dodger would be good too.

Hint! Hint!


  1. This type of blog is a good idea. Why not share this type of info with everyone on the Internet potentially? Good way to stay motivated and organized too. Keep up the good work.

  2. The history of any subject, including baseball cards, is incomplete without folks like these who dig into the underrepresented participants and untold stories. This transcends baseball and baseball cards. This set is actually an untold part of history itself.


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